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Security and Safety

Security & Safety

Bethlahem Matric Higher Secondary School has been equipped with video surveillance CCTV system to ensure safety and security for students. Prevent outsiders from entering the school premises. These CCTV cameras are used for monitoring areas that are remote from the control room or where the environmental conditions are not comfortable for people and are enough capable to capture the images in pitch dark conditions and broad light day. The moral responsibility for ensuring that everything in school and related to school is fully safe and secure, first for all the students and then for all members of the staff - either during the period of their stay in the school campus or when they are taken somewhere else from school or when they travel on school transport.

We adhere to all the norms of fire safety and are constantly in touch with the local fire fighting agencies for mock drill training and a crisis management group is functional in the school.

We have used the best material for our electrical system to be safe against electrical hazards. The electrical system will be checked periodically by the school electrician to ensure total safety.

We hope soon to have an ambulance too that require immediate medical assistance, and also administer immediate medication if /before a child has to be taken to hospital.

The drinking water provided on campus comes from a certified R.O plant and is transported to the school in special sealed containers to negate the risk of contamination. Even the well water is tested periodically by laboratories to ensure that it is safe to be used by children.

Each laboratory adheres to all the safety norms internationally accepted. The equipments are kept safely beyond access of others and a lab assistant is in place to regulate their use. A first-aid kit is there to take care of minor injuries.

The school runs its own buses for all the children. The vehicles are regularly maintained for safe travelling. The drivers are trained in safety measures and each bus has a helper to assist in any other necessities. The Sparkrill buses are air-conditioned and the first-aid box is also kept handy. The buses have the additional support of all the staff members traveling by the same transport.

The school infirmary is equipped with the basic materials and facilities to address the health needs of learners while in school. First aid kit and all essential medicines are available in the infirmary, in the reception and all buses. We also have tie up with a leading children's hospital next door for any emergencies that can't be handled in the school. Bethlahem Matriculation Higher Secondary School provides a highly qualified medical professional who offers general assistance to students and staff in matters of health, including first aid, monitoring of students with medical conditions and administration of medicines for students receiving treatment.

Our doctor also leads health education campaigns within the school and provides guidance and advice for parents on health-related issues.All medical cases referred to the doctor are closely communicated to parents and guardians. We diligently maintain student medical records in the infirmary, and we ask that parents keep us up-to-date regarding any illnesses or conditions.

Fire Fighting Equipments

Preventing fire tragedies and disasters happening in schools, is the most important issue that a school must address secondary to its academic mission. These preventive measures can be the first line of defense that the school can afford to its students. It is the great responsibility of the school to put all these necessary school fire safety measures in place to mitigate or if not totally prevent fire disasters and tragedies to happen as in the past.

All the latest safety precautions, including intrusion alarms and fire-fighting equipment have been provided. The school has also a fully equipped Fire Engine ready for duty. The school is made safe for children with wide stairs, fire extinguishers at multiple points, and a full time watchman and security staff.

Fire Safety Measures

  • All occupants need to be familiar with a primary and secondary way to evacuate the building from the room where they are.
  • Combustible material (i.e. wood, paper, rubber, Styrofoam, foam rubber, cardboard and plastic boxes or anything easily burned) cannot be stored within 24 inches of any ceiling.
  • Combustibles cannot be stored in electrical rooms, air handling rooms or mechanical rooms.
  • Items cannot be stored in exit corridors or hallways.
  • Extension cords and multi-plug adapters cannot be used as a substitute for permanent wiring or be connected together.
  • Portable electric space heaters cannot be used within 3 feet of combustible material.
  • Fire alarm manual pull stations and fire extinguishers shall be easily visible and accessible at all times.