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About School

About Us

Bethlahem students embody faith academia and tradition; and we hand it down to a new generation of young men every year

A school is not a building, or infrastructure, or playground or science labs. A school is not its syllabus or staff or head. A school is an atmosphere where each child discovers his own special talent and begins to believe in himself. This belief is not based on rank, or exam results, or first place in a quiz, or the fierce love of competition.

Our School

The Theme of our School is "Arise and Shine". Bethlahem Matric School was born in June 2003 with about 475 students and staff strength of 40 to spread the light of knowledge to the needy. Today Bethlahem caters to the need of around 4787 students with the utmost involvement of more than 300 dedicated staff. A well-designed architectural marvel with adequate open space for children to feel 'free and liberated' and an aesthetically designed campus with ample landscapes clubbed with amenities of international standards, an ideal location to pursue quality learning. The campus is scientifically planned, artistically designed and precisely constructed to meet the demand in grooming global citizens. The School has been christened with name Bethlahem, the birth place of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who spread the message of peace and salvation. The Dream school has grown in leaps and bounds by the priceless effort of Mr. Gerald Selvaraja, the correspondent. To make his dream a reality, we have a team of hardworking educational calibers comprising of Director / Principal, Chief Administrator, Vice Principal, Academic Advisors, Academic Supervisors, highly qualified and experienced teaching staff and well trained non teaching staff. The campus of Bethlahem covers an area of more than 12 acres with lush green environment and spongy lawns. The hills at the background adds beauty to the entire campus. The first building from the entrance is exclusively for kindergarten. The fabulous multi storied building is entirely for the seniors. The last building caters the primary students..

School Recognition Number

  • L. Dis. 6796/E4/2003. Dt. 08-09-2003.
  • L. Dis. 1174/E4/2004. Dt. 27-02-2004.
  • K. Dis. 8268/E4/2005. Dt. 25-01-2006.
  • K. Dis. 7155/E4/2006. Dt. 06-11-2006.
  • K. Dis. 1242/E8/2007. Dt. 14-06-2007.
  • K. Dis. 6744/B4/2009. Dt. 25-03-2009.
  • K. Dis. 7901/E4/2003. Dt. 03-11-2003.
  • K. Dis. 2880/E4/2005. Dt. 09-09-2005.
  • L. Dis. 3240/E4/2006. Dt. 04-09-2006.
  • L. Dis. 7927/E8/2006. Dt. 25-01-2007.
  • R. Dis. 3107/B4/2008. Dt. 03-06-2008.
  • R. C. No. 1314/B4/2014. Dt. 10-07-2014


Bethlahem has classes from Nursery to XII. The school is affiliated to TAMILNADU DIRECTORATE OF SCHOOL EDUCATION. The curriculum offerings are designed to provide the students world class experience. All Matriculation Schools come under the control of Directorate of Matriculation Schools and are of English medium and Self Financed category.

Initially all Matriculations Schools were under the control of Chennai and Madurai Universities. On 29.11.1976, a GO (No 2816) was passed and the matriculation schools were transferred under the purview of the Directorate of School Education. On passing GO No 188, on 8.11.2001, all matriculation schools and matriculation high schools were then brought under the control of the Directorate of Matriculation Schools.

The School satisfy all the Government Orders for the Schools including

  • Provision of Toilet / Drinking water facilities in Schools as per Supreme Court Direction.
  • Schools infrastructure facilities and safety norms for students.
  • Implementation of 25% admission for disadvantaged group and weaker section as per Provisions of RTE Act & State Rules 2011.
  • Appointment of Nodal Officers and members at the State and District level for redressal of Grievances of RTE issues.
  • High level committee constituted to submit report on the status of schools not having minimum land area.