Welcome to our Bethlahem Matric Higher Secondary School.

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History & Profile


The school has been christened with name Bethlahem, the birth place of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who spread the message of peace and salvation. Bethlahem Matric School was born in June 2003 with about 475 students and staff strength of 40 to spread the light of knowledge to the needy. Today Bethlahem caters to the need of around 4787 students with the utmost involvements of more than 300 dedicated staff. This prestigious institution which has become a fast growing one by the grace of the Almighty god has been rendering valuable services in the field of education from 2003. We believe that our responsibility is not only in producing successors but also achievers serving the society by molding the students so that they will be the weavers of social fabric.

Strategic Plan

MANY PARTS; ONE BETHLAHEM : Vision of Bethlahem.

During the process, we listened to all the members of the Bethlahem Community-Our students, Parents, Colleagues, alumni and friends. Our plan calls for a greater expectation of involvement from all members of the school community "CITIZENS",If you will, in our Bethlahem nation;

These goals, these pillars, are ambitious we will need strong support from our Cummunity, especially philanthropically, to achieve them.

We challenge each of us to rise to the calling of this new strategic plan to rise to our calling as citizens of Bethlahem nation.

After all....