Water Plant

The school has pure drinking water for the children. A hydro-pneumatically operated water system is present in the campus. Our School specializes in manufacturing and installing a qualitative range of Water Filtration Plant, which is widely used to eradicate the impurities of the water and make it reusable.

Manufactured with utmost precision, these filters removes the suspended solids, precipitated irons and other impurities by trapping these into a media. The processes involves downward passage of the water through the media, which traps and removes the impurities. The drinking water for the children was duly tested and approved by the Health Department. Water on campus is drinkable. Bethlahem Matric Higher Secondary School has its own borehole; the water is then treated and supplied to all buildings and staff houses. Regular tests are being administered on the treated water to ensure that its quality and suitability for drinking is maintained.