History & Profile

The school has been christened with name Bethlahem, the birth place of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who spread the message of peace and salvation. Bethlahem Matric School was born in June 2003 with about 475 students and staff strength of 40 to spread the light of knowledge to the needy. Today Bethlahem caters to the need of around 4787 students with the utmost involvements of more than 300 dedicated staff. This prestigious institution which has become a fast growing one by the grace of the Almighty god has been rendering valuable services in the field of education from 2003. We believe that our responsibility is not only in producing successors but also achievers serving the society by molding the students so that they will be the weavers of social fabric.


Prayer is an integral part of our school community. We start the day with prayer; most classes begin with prayer; and we pause to pray during each lunch period. Every year students participate in a retreat experience that helps them develop their relationship with God and live a archetypical life in society.

Bethlahem is lively, laughter-filled, intellectually stimulating educationally committed to build discipline in the life of students to upkeep and ensure that every one to learn and live with Values in life-Academically, Morally, spiritually, socially and ethically. Other than the academia the acquisition of a perfect accent and fluency in another language provides a firm base for all our pupils to then go on to master other languages.

The campus of Bethlahem covers an area of more than 12 acres with lush green environment and spongy lawns. The hills at the background add beauty to the entire campus. The first building from the entrance is exclusively for kindergarten. The fabulous multi storied building is entirely for the seniors. The last building caters the primary students.

The school is equipped with a new high capacity wireless network. Every classroom has a computer connected to a ceiling-mounted projector which makes it easy to integrate technology into all lessons.

School Song

Bethlahem Oh! Bless our School! O Lord!
With the Blessings of Canan by your word
With Milk and Honey blest
Of wondrous Nature's best

Bethlahem! Bethlahem! Bethlahem!
The blessed Land of Bread blend in its name
We all will bring you Fame
And not a word of Shame

Bethlahem Oh! Bless our School! O Lord!
With Wisdom the leach of the Taught
Help from others without frown
And justice from who govern

Bethlahem Oh! Bless our School! O Lord!
With your heavenly Love in our Heart
Let's Learn the Right and Might
And same in the World Bright