Power Supply

The school is equipped with stand - by generators for uninterrupted power supply. The generators are noiseless power generators that ensure uninterrupted power supply within the campus. The school power supply is set at 230V AC. Please ensure that any appliance is set for that voltage. All electrical sockets are three pin. We have our own generating system, which supplies power to the school community during power cuts. Please check with the school first should you have any concern regarding the suitability of electrical equipment required to be used by your child. We have used the best of material for our electrical system to be safe against electrical hazards.

The electrical system will be checked periodically by the school electrician to ensure total safety.Our large stand-by generator supplies power to all boarding houses during mains power cuts. The school's electrical technician can check any concern about the suitability or condition of electrical equipment. Voltage regulators and surge protectors are advised for larger electrical devices, as the school cannot be responsible for damage to personal equipment that is the result of a power surge. For reasons of safety, students may not burn bug coils, incense, and open candles, or use heaters, kettles or toasters in their rooms.