Fire Fighting Equipments

Preventing fire tragedies and disasters from happening in schools, is the most important issue that a school must address secondary to its academic mission. These preventive measures can be the first line of defense that the school can afford its students. It is the great responsibility of the school to put all these necessary school fire safety measures in place to mitigate or if not totally prevent fire disasters and tragedies to happen as in the past.

All the latest safety precautions, including intrusion alarms and fire-fighting equipment have been provided. The school has also a fully equipped Fire Engine ready for duty. The school is made safe for children with wide stairs, fire extinguishers at multiple points, and a full time watchman and security staff.

Fire Safety Measures

♦  All occupants need to be familiar with a primary and secondary way to evacuate the building from the room where they are.

♦  Combustible material (i.e. wood, paper, rubber, Styrofoam, foam rubber, cardboard and plastic boxes or anything easily burned) cannot be stored within 24 inches of any ceiling.

♦  Combustibles cannot be stored in electrical rooms, air handling rooms or mechanical rooms.

♦  Items cannot be stored in exit corridors or hallways.

♦  Extension cords and multi-plug adapters cannot be used as a substitute for permanent wiring or be connected together.

♦  Portable electric space heaters cannot be used within a 3 feet of combustible material.

♦  Fire alarm manual pull stations and fire extinguishers shall be easily visible and accessible at all times.