The Interact Club undertakes welfare projects in the district. The Interactors take part in many awareness program and they help the needy people in the district. Other clubs are also quite active at school.

House system

The house System has the following four houses. Each house has given a unique Color code.

♦  Bethel - Yellow

♦  Bethany - Green

♦  Bethsaida - Blue

♦  Bethabara - Red

Arts & Craft Club

Every Saturday first period we are conducting club activities. We are training the children to prepare useful items from the waste materials. (e.g: Paper cup hat, Matchstick flower, bottle flower, etc.) It will enhance the creativity of the students.

Designation Name Class
Teacher in-charge Mrs.J.K.Anitha Judith

Mrs.Sree Latha
President Melvin Vino IX-C
Vice President Sharon Rose Bose VIII-H
Secretary B.Abika VII-A